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Welcome to our residential pest services.Since you came to this page we assume you need pest elimination services in West Sacramento. You’ve come to the right place! Quality Pest Control in West Sacramento can provide the most professional pest elimination services to West Sacramento and nearby cities. We won’t try to trick you into signing up for our services. We provide single-service treatments in addition to regular, preventive treatments. We won’t sell you a services that isn’t necessary.


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Don’t hesitate to call us if you suspect your home is being invaded by bugs!

Get Effective Relief for Your Pest Problem

Whether you are having issues with spiders, cockroaches, rats, bed bugs, or any other pest, our pest technicians are here to get rid of your issue. Oftentimes pests like to stay out of sight during the winter months. In many cases, the bugs and critters seek shelter inside your structure. This is the reason that spring and summer seasons bring more pests. Those pests come out of their winter hiding place and interfere with your life once it warms up.


Common West Sacramento Pests

Recently, we have been having many of phone calls from West Sacramento residents about cockroaches, fleas, mice, and bed bugs. Bed bugs can prove complicated to eradicate; it is unfortunate that bed bug problems are becoming more common in West Sacramento as well as other areas across the globe. We’ve also been getting a large number of calls for termite problems in recent months. Termites are great at stealthily invading wooden structures undetected and stay undetected as they slowly eat your property.


Pest Prevention is Recommended

If you’re someone who dislikes pests, we highly recommend our pest control maintenance/preventive plan. With these protection plans, one of our pest control technicians will come out to your home quarterly (or however often the plan dictates) to implement preventive applications. We apply a barrier of sorts, to keep the pests at bay so they never have a chance to become a ‘problem.’


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While on a regular pest plan, if for some reason you have a pest problem during treatments, you just call us and we come right out! This is part of your plan. Just give our West Sacramento pest exterminators a call at 916-341-9789 now and we will be happy to discuss your alternatives and assist in in any way possible!



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